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Manual deburring

The quality of the products is increasingly important in the modern mechanical engineering. At the same time, also the demand for deburring finished parts grows.

With our hand-work places provided with endoscopy technology we are able to debur and/or chamfer all accessible edges, borings, pockets, threads, cuts and many more. By means of a range of several dozens of milling adapters, our optimally trained personnel is able to solve any deburring problems in the twinkling of an eye and to ensure high quality standards.

Deburring / Flow grinding

Our flow grinding system is used for best results of precision deburring or polishing of finest surfaces.

We use the abrasive flow machining process (AFM).

In this process, a completely new “tool” is used - an elastic-viscous polymer that is enriched with abrasive grinding particles.
This process makes a precise, for the first time feasible chamfering of edges possible. Work pieces can be machined specifically and optimally at points with difficult access.

The first fields of application were in the aerospace industry in which highest demands are made on precision, quality and safety of the process. The abrasive flow machining is unique because of the flexibility of the “tool”. A multitude of applications result for areas in which surfaces and edges are machined.


Surface grinding
630mm x 300mm
or 800mm x 250mm

Cylindrical grinding
Ø240mm x 900mm
or Ø630mm x 1100mm

Cross grinding (honing)
up do 90mm

up to Ø245mm